Don’t Forget! Test your Furnace.

This morning I got an email.

—” Winter is coming, Don’t forget to test your furnace.”


We are in South Florida Mrs. KW agent!

I was tempted to reply.

We don’t have furnaces, and I am also a Real Estate Broker.

It is not likely I will use your services to sell my home.

This is an extreme example of laziness.

If you are going to spam all the emails in your contact list and some more, you need to be more careful on what you send.

I know, it takes a lot of work to write content.

It is easier just to pay some service to send a newsletter with “useful” information for anyone.

Hellooo, Not too useful to test a furnace here.

Recommending a South Floridian homeowner to test your furnace,

Or “How do you keep your pipes from freezing in the winter?” will not bring you more business.

It will make you look more like an idiot.

In Mrs. KW defense, maybe her team leader taught she had to drip on all her prospects.

BTW, I don’t like how this sounds

The same way she was taught to make unsolicited calls or stop by unannounced for dinner at a For Sale By Owner or expired property to become a money magnet.

This is why I take time to work with the agents in my company to be real, to connect & to inspire.

I don’t want them dripping sh.t all around people in the community.

When Urban Select Realty is mentioned, I want people to associate us with good stuff. We don’t drip.

An example of what I want people to associate us are the good deeds we do at club of like-minded entrepreneurs I am a member.

Every quarter each of us chip in $100 and the total amount goes to a charity that gets voted between the members at a live event.

This quarter my group projects to donate $11,800. And nationally we already donated over a million dollars.

If you know someone who is driving a great cause and needs help.

Drop me a message. I will be happy to explain to them how to apply to qualify to receive donations.

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