It is as basic as 2+2.

You hear it many times. Yet, it is hard to do it.

Last month, at my Storyteller’s training I spent time with several Real Estate Brokers like myself.

Do you know what we all agreed?

Real Estate is a business of connections, it is highly cyclical and also, as a used car sales, you are distrusted before you say a word.

If not properly understood, working in Real Estate full time can be very demoralizing.

But, Is it a good business to be in?

Sure, as one of your sources of income.

That thought, got me thinking about what can I do to diversify myself.

I am working in an artist enabling website, documenting my real estate business to allow my agents to replicate my expertise and also developing a framework for entrepreneurs to grow.

Many people will tell you to focus and do just one thing but…

What would happen if the real estate market crashes again?

Like when playing roulette… spread your bets and reduce the risk.

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