December, 2001 I graduated college as an Electronics Engineer.

Having finished the classes 4 years before, I was procrastinating to take the final exams. 20 exams to take! The day I finish the last course I said to me, 1 exam per month, I should graduate in a year or so. Life happened and between work, family and lack of focus, 90 days before my graduation I still had 8 exams to go. What a feeling of disappointment! Believing I would never become an engineer. Thanks to God, this year around September, my path crossed with an old friend from College, German. We were both on the same situation. Working full time, with family and kids. We made a plan. Every Saturday & Sunday for the next 90 days we would get together and prepare all pending exams we had to take. Something estrange happened, as we starting studying together, every exam was easier to prepare and take. Our confidence grew as we progressed towards our goal.
My takeaways on my experience are:
• The importance of a supporting friend or community.
• Accomplishment brings confidence and thus results.
• Make a plan and stick to it. If you are facing with a challenge today, I tell you: “This shall pass too”. Just look for support, make a plan, focus and go for it!

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