College… Would you go again?

I often get involved on arguments with people about the value of a college degree. They think without a degree they are not valued.

I graduated in 2001 as an Electronics Engineer.

But, do you know how much time I worked in my field?

– No more than one or two years.

And that, was before graduation.

When I graduated I was working on a bank as a network analyst intern.

All I learned, I did on the job or on my own.

My successful 21 year career in the field of IT security, Web technologies and project management was without any formal training on the subject.

Curiosity and books was my preparation.

Some would say, my diploma helped.

May be as a status token? Not sure.

It was the same with real estate.

I started from the scratch with my curiosity drive.

Training–>sales associate, 2 years, more books, more training, mistakes, more training… Broker, Open the office, more training. And here I am now with an office with 15 agents.

My point is:

If you want, you can do it without a degree.

If what you want is a degree, you can get it.

For me, college taught me to learn to learn.

To learn to adapt, to investigate and not to give up.

— Was it worth 6 years of my life?

O boy, not sure. I am inclined to say no.

And that is what I think of college.

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