Coke or Lemonade?

I headed to the soda machine to get my drink before seating to have lunch and write this. 

The plan was to write about willpower. At that moment I faced the decision:

– Coke or Lemonade? 

Even when I knew lemonade will be better for my health and the short burst of sugar and caffeine energy was going to be short lived, I was ready to commit the sin.

But the question made me reflect: – “How come you are writing about willpower and succumbing to the delicious sugary coke temptation!”.

I end up having lemonade.

Moral of the story, is that it is not always willpower.

Sometimes you have to put yourself on the spot to do the right thing then your integrity won’t allow you to decide against what you are preaching. 

A few tips I find useful also to make sure I get better choices and get stuff done:
* Stage my environment to right choices easier.
* Get the more challenging stuff done first. 
* Schedule the activities and commit to follow your calendar.
* Say “No” if you don’t plan to attend an invitation.

Do you have any comments or tips to share?

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