When I started my real estate career, all the information I was receiving push me into sales mode.

All the training I attended was how to cold call, call confidence, get into a seller’s house and not leaving until you list strategies.

One day I was at my office ready to start my expired calls.

Listened to a special expired calls meditation one real estate guru sold me…

Took a deep breath, sit at the computer and as I was going to dial…. I stood up and think…

– What the heck am I doing?

If I would get my call, I would be pissed.

Why would I do something I would not like to be done to me?

It was then when I found this podcast (If you are an agent this is a must listen episode)

OMG, it was mind-blowing. All the things I was thinking this guy was explaining.

From that day I started to run my business in a different way.
Now I think:

– What can I do to get my clients happy instead of pissed.

When I opened Urban Select Realty, (
I knew I didn’t want a big massive, impersonal company and money driven brokerage.

I wanted select agents that have empathy, committed to learn and with a drive to help instead of piss.

When reading Principles by Ray Dalio,(
on page 24 I found an inspiring story about what I wanted myself and my agents to be.

Problem Solvers.

Ray goes ahead and explains how he was able to solve the problem of volatile chicken prices for McDonalds when they launched the McNuggets. He did it with creativity and research. Thinking across industries, relating inputs and outputs.

Each client situation and goals are completely different, yet you should analyze, find common ground and draft your solution.

A boutique solution, one unique for you.

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