Bloody Cut

While I was doing the frame for my wife’s latest oil painting (, the frame slipped and the V-nail sliced my right thumb in two.

My instinct made me raise my hand and run to the kitchen to get the first aid kit.

On my way, my son saw me and run away screaming…

—” Don’t show it to me, there is too much blood”.

My wife heard, got the disinfectant and handed it to me while looking to the side.

—” Should we go to the hospital?”, she asked and starting getting car keys and everything to go.

I didn’t respond immediately…. I was assessing the situation…

More than the blood I was loosing,

I pictured in my mind the $23,000 bill I would receive.

Sounds crazy, but my friend Travis received a bill like that for a Rabies shoot.

It upsets me, but this is our greedy inefficient health system in the United States.

After disinfecting and compressing the thumb with a big band-aid, I chose to wait a bit.

Unless my finger was falling I would not go…, I have to sell 2 or 3 houses  to pay for $23,000.

I had planned a lot for that afternoon  but I had to sit on the couch, finger up to wait and see.

Luckily, I got to keep my finger without going to the hospital.

Still hurts a bit but I learned a few lessons from this.

—” Use security gloves!”

Also, my entire exercise/push-ups plan got screwed.

Instead, this week I chose to do morning walks with my wife.

Lighter exercise but more enjoyable.







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