ADAPTED (Boy Who Cried Wolf)

When I was a micro controller programmer, I had to debug systems all the time. The debugger system allowed me to execute the program step by step. Looking at inputs and outputs to compare those to my intended result.
Today I see business it no different.
The important thing to have crystal clear what is the result you are looking for. In my industry there many agents looking for the best experience for their clients but there are others. The unethical. They only look for their commissions. What the unethical don’t know is that you can screw one client, may be two, but your integrity and reputation will suffer badly. I remember my parents telling me “The Boy Who Cried Wolf Story” ( This simple story demonstrates how your reputation can be eroded in an instant. So, take a stand, choose to defend your client even when it is not your best immediate interest. Universe will pay you back double. I can guarantee that through my experience.

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