Absent Presence

Did you ever notice you are in a place with people and you suddenly regain consciousness?  Not the Socratic transcendental definition of absent presence.

Just like me a few days back.

I was having dinner with my family, but I was absent.

My mind was reviewing my schedule for the next day.

I got mad at myself.

Mainly because I am the first to criticize families at the restaurants when they are all on their phones.

I was not on the phone, but I was not at the moment either.

Once aware, I immediately switched to present mode.

It is not everyday you get to have all the family together and offline.

I mean completely offline.  No TV, no cellphones and presently present. Not in Absent Presence.

Now, when I notice I am drifting,

I start asking questions to  help me stay focused at the moment.

And also to help the members of the family know more about each other, masticate and stress test ideas.

I find questions also useful at confrontations.

Extremely powerful instead of insulting or  calling names.

If you are certain you are right, proper questions can lead your opponent to the place you want.

Being an introvert, I love to ask questions.

Get the others to talk then I listen, evaluate and learn.

After that, I reflect and make more questions.




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