65 Stories

I would never imagined 2 months ago when I started my 90 day immersion into Storytelling that I would have written 65 stories by now.

The journey was intense, I am still way behind my assignments but the process revealed a different version of myself.

A version committed to balance all the areas of personal development.  Mind, Body, Business and Relationships.

In the process I met 25 other Storytellers, and we grew together during this 90 days.

Looking the number 65 stories looks like a lot but it was done in daily chunks.

Every single day, focusing only in one thing:  Write 1 story.

That way you don’t get burn out.

There is a strategy behind the StoryAthlete game but the first challenge is to get fit.

Get your butt in a chair for 30-60 minutes every day to write your story.

That was my focus until now.

Next step is to improve your quality score.

Craft your message, make it enjoyable to read, memorable and impacting to your tribe.

Today I am proud of my accomplishments and I hope you are enjoying the growing path I am sharing.

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