304 to 340

In August, I decided I needed a bigger office to accommodate my operations manager.

Move was easy, Suite 304 to 340.

Grab, the furniture, printer, computers, plug them back and voila…

In just a few hours the office was up and running again.

My organized self, reminded me I need to change the address in all places I am registered at.

So I did. Real Estate Licenses, Corporate Documents, State Registration, County Local Tax Business Registration.

I though I was done.

What a surprise when I got a call today from my landlord.

— “I am here with the city inspector, he will void your local license because you moved from 304 to 340 and did not tell them.”


—” Yes, and you will also have to schedule a new fire inspection”

—” OK, please tell them I will handle this today.”

I have to do It,

But, what is it with cities and small business?

For you to understand, am on a business center.

The offices are just desks a few plugs and computers.

The building has central AC, common infrastructure and no internal build outs.

But the city treats each little office as independent buildings.

They send a fire inspector to each office and charge money to each one of us.

I am certain the building had to pass extensive inspections before their final occupancy was approved.

Good thing, I had time this afternoon.

I drop by the city hall, handed off a check, some paperwork and now….

Wait for a call to schedule the “Fire Inspection” that looks more like a walk on the park.

Like with any mishap you learn.

You cannot trust your memory.

City is now added to the list.

And the operation manual is updated with a trigger for next time we change addresses.

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