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We go beyond the traditional consulting practices. We help optimize your processes, build software solutions or finding a ®Life for real.


See the books I read and made and impact on my life.


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Tools save costs, automate processes and optimize your business.

How Does It Work?


We will review your current processes, software used, subscriptions & IT needs.


Identify areas of redundancy and opportunities to cut costs and leverage on automation saving you precious time.


With a carefully considered impact analysis we will start implementing the proposed changes.


I am a big supporter of balance life. I do not mean you won’t have to work hard but you will do it in something you like without forgetting about your loved ones.


  • BOOK: The 1% Rule
    How to Fall in Love with the Process and Achieve Your Wildest Dreams Tommy Baker I read this book as part of my 90-day immersion training into storytelling. The message and content of the book helped me clarify my vision and start focusing into just 90 days blocks of time. Just getting 1% better every…
  • Yin-Yang
    Reading the Yin-Yang’s Ancient History Encyclopedia definition, “The principle of Yin and Yang is that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites”.( made me think about self employment and its treats and threats.   On one hand is great to be able to accommodate to schedule to your priorities and on the other, you can be…
  • Coke or Lemonade?
    I headed to the soda machine to get my drink before seating to have lunch and write this.  The plan was to write about willpower. At that moment I faced the decision: – Coke or Lemonade?  Even when I knew lemonade will be better for my health and the short burst of sugar and caffeine…
  • December, 2001 I graduated college as an Electronics Engineer.
    Having finished the classes 4 years before, I was procrastinating to take the final exams. 20 exams to take! The day I finish the last course I said to me, 1 exam per month, I should graduate in a year or so. Life happened and between work, family and lack of focus, 90 days before…
  • When you see a juggler… Aren’t you just waiting to see when his balls are going to fall?
     How many times we go in life envying other people successes or abilities? Think about it, behind this final result of handling more balls on the air than hands juggler has, there is an incredible amount of practice, studying, questioning and so many things I can’t even imagine.  The same happens in business, sports and…


I got that promotion!

Job and salary negotiations can be stressful.  However if you show your leverage you can get what you want and sometimes more!  Thanks Jose for your support and guidance!



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I don’t know what you need specifically but I can help automate processes, communicate better in your job, sell more, identify redundancies and cost saving opportunities.